We cultivate respect
and reap the rewards

On the company’s properties, fruit is grown organically with full respect for the environment and the seasons.

Following the seasonal calendar, it is possible to request or purchase directly at our local shop:

CHERRIES: present in different varieties from mid-May to the end of June;

APRICOTS: available from the first ten days of May to the end of July;

PEACHES: present from June to September in different varieties, from nectarines to saturnines;

PLUMS: The different varieties of plums, both yellow and red, are offered from early June to early September.

PRUNES: offered in the Stanley variety, iQuattro’s prunes are of such quality that they are selected as puree for homogenised baby food. In the point of sale they are offered for fresh consumption as well as for jam. Also available at different times of the year are:

FIGS, LEMONS, KAKI, POMEGRANATE and garden vegetables. All strictly of the highest quality and farm to table.